A cat will always wait for its owner at home. You are its only companion

People who keep cats in their homes, when they go out to work or come back from work, will often find their beloved cats squatting at the door waiting for them as soon as they open the door. Seeing this kind of "loyal" and lovely posture, most people can't help smiling.

Why do cats always wait for their owners to come home?

It's just, why do cats do this? The cat's hearing is very sharp, which is four times as high as that of human beings. No matter how far away and how fine the sound is, it can tell the direction of the sound. So when the master came home, before he reached the door, he could hear the sound of the master's footsteps and quickly went to the door to meet the master.

Although a cat is a proud animal, it also needs feelings to nourish. They have a special attribute: human pets. Since they are pets, being loved by people, this is their biggest physiological needs. Usually the host put himself at home, in addition to eating, drinking and playing, what they want most is the host's company. And the cat's nature is more sensitive, the external world's sound stimulation response is very rapid and clear.

A cat can not only hear subtle sounds, it can also distinguish between high and low sounds. Therefore, it can tell whether the footstep coming from afar is the master or someone else. For example, my cat can tell the difference between a truck and a delivery truck. In the case of ordinary trucks, they will act as if nothing has happened; if the delivery trucks have not stopped at the entrance of the lane, they are ready to escape to the second floor. When the delivery truck stops at the entrance of the lane, they will pay attention to listen and tell where the delivery is. Never missed it.

Sitting at the door, the cat can catch the owner's mood at the first time, whether the owner is tired, angry and happy. As long as you can see it at the first time, the cat is at ease. Because of a long time together, the cat has from the bottom of his heart as a family, if not for your trust and love, it would have run away, because the nature of the cat is uncontrolled. And sitting at the door waiting for the master to come back is also a test of each other's feelings. It also wants to know whether you will miss yourself like him. If the feelings are interlinked, it thinks that the master will be as happy as it is when he sees it.

If it's a neighbor, they relax, play their own games or continue to sleep. If it was my home, they would have escaped to the second floor before the delivery man opened the door. As long as I watch their movements, I will know whether the people who come to my house deliver the goods. Therefore, when the host comes home, they can immediately detect and rush to the door to meet them.

Why do you say hello to the host who comes back?

Some squat at the door to meet the owner of the cat, see the owner opened the door in, will "meow" to say hello to the owner. It is said that this call contains the mood of "I'm glad the master is back" and "some kind of request".

Maybe it's "I've taken care of your house seriously" or "I'm hungry.". Whether it is to ask the host to praise or ask the host to cook, it is better for the host to say a few words to the cat, which can improve the communication between you.

Don't ask. Do they understand people? I think 99% of the owners will say "of course I understand.".

Every time you go home to love cat and say "our company that so and so leader is really annoying" and other nagging, love cat all remember. Although it may not know who the "so and so" is, it doesn't matter, just understand that it is listening.

Note: some cats have the experience of "escaping home" in the past. They understand that the door is the "exit to escape from home". Sometimes they use their agility to slip away from your feet when you open the door. People who live in apartments and whose doors are not far from the elevator should be more careful.

My cat has had several times to slip out of the door experience, several times have been caught back, it has now understood that can not go out from the door, waiting for me to open the window, let it directly from the room to play outside.

Will it check your body?

Yes, your cat will check your body. When you open the door and enter the room, isn't it sometimes rubbing around your feet? In fact, this is because it can smell other people's smell on you, and it needs to replace other people's taste with its own.

Its heart is like this: how can our "Miaosheng partner" be taken away by others?

Therefore, even if you go home, need to rush to cook or tired to lie down, it is best to let the cat "engrave" its "mark" on you. After all, for a domestic cat, you are its only mate.

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