Garlic is not only used as seasoning, but also can promote germination and kill aphids

Is your garlic just for seasoning? Everyone has begun to take garlic to raise flowers, the effect is leverage! be curious? Let's have a look.

1. Promote germination

Preparation: garlic, cold water, container.


(1) Peel and mash garlic, add cold boiled water, the ratio is 1:3.

(2) And then spread the garlic mixture on the sprouts. It is especially effective on wintersweet, camellia, osmanthus, Magnolia and other plants.

Effect: it can sprout 5-7 days ahead of time. In addition, applying garlic water on the cut of flower pruning can prevent the cut from drying up and promote the sprout to be neat.

2. Prevent decay

Preparation: garlic, sharp knife.


(1) The rotten part of the rhizome should be leveled with a sharp knife, and the good skin around the pathogen should be cut into a smooth slope of 60 degrees. (it is better to expose the yellow and green cambium.)

(2) Apply garlic petals directly to the wound to make it adhere to a layer of garlic mucus, and then daub it once every 7-10 days until healing.

Effect: it can be antiseptic, and it is better in summer when it is easy to breed bacteria.

3. Fungicides

Preparation: garlic, garlic mortar.


(1) Mash garlic into mashed garlic.

(2) Mix mashed garlic with 1 teaspoon of soapy water, then add 2 cups of water and stir.

(3) Keep it for a period of time. When you need to use it, add 4 liters of water to dilute it and spray it on the infected plants. You should not only pay attention to the leaf surface, but also spray it carefully on the back.

Effect: can effectively kill bacteria.

4. Kill aphids

Preparation: 30g garlic, 500g water, filter screen.


(1) Peel and mash garlic into mud.

(2) Put the garlic mud into the prepared water, stir it evenly, and then filter out the dregs inside, leaving only the clear liquid.

(3) Spray the clear liquid evenly on the leaves of chrysanthemum, guayeju and rose once a day for three or four times continuously. You can also use a brush or a small brush to wait for something soft to smear the garlic liquid directly on the leaf surface.

Results: it can effectively control flower aphids, scale insects, etc., and also can treat rose powdery mildew and black spot disease. If the appropriate amount of detergent and other adhesives are added, the treatment effect of powdery mildew will be better.

5. Kill ants, earthworms, etc

Preparation: garlic, garlic mortar.


(1) Smash the garlic.

(2) Sprinkle the mashed garlic evenly into the flowerpot.

Effect: can kill earthworms, ants and nematodes.

6. Prevention of small animals

Preparation: garlic, pepper, container.


(1) Smash the garlic and pepper.

(2) Put garlic and pepper in water, the ratio is 1:3, and filter out the dregs after standing still.

(3) Spray the solution on the soil near the flowers and plants.

Effect: the prepared solution can prevent many small animals from invading the courtyard. It is especially effective for small animals, especially for mice and rabbits.

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