How to avoid dust entering the house

How to avoid dust in your home

Because the air pollution is serious now, the weather is a little dry, the home will be full of dust, how can we avoid dust in the home?

1. Put a wet towel at the door

Family members bring back items from the outside, or receive packages sent by express delivery personnel. Try to open the outer packaging outside the door, or wipe off the floating dust on the articles at the door before taking them into the room.

2. Use a wet cloth to wipe indoor articles

There is no moisture in the dry cloth, so it is difficult to absorb dust and can not be thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, when cleaning, it is better to wipe furniture, doors and windows with a wet rag that unscrewed the water. If it is a house facing the street, the dust in the house is heavy. You can use a vacuum cleaner. A large vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the ground, and a small one can be used to clean the dust on the bed and furniture.

3. Go through the door and do three things

Good habits are the main way to prevent dust pollution. People in the activity of a day, the coat will inevitably adhere to a lot of dust, do the following three things can effectively keep the dust out of the door. Before going upstairs, first beat the dust off the coat; after entering the door, change the coat and hang it on the hanger instead of throwing it directly on the bed and sofa; after washing hands, change into clean household clothes.

4. Use humidifier in winter and spring

The weather in the north is dry, especially in the dry seasons of winter and spring. You can use humidifier or air purifier with humidification function in bedroom and living room. In addition, if possible, fresh air ventilation system can be installed, which can play the role of air exchange and dust filtration.

5. Choose the right time to open the window

Choose a time when the traffic is not busy and the air is fresh, such as in the morning or after the evening rush hour. When opening a window, a wet towel is laid on the bottom groove of the window to absorb some dust. If the housing is facing the street, in addition to do a good job in sealing doors and windows, you can also choose light gauze curtain to prevent dust from entering the room.

6. Finish the ground work well to avoid dust return

In order to enhance the adhesive force and adhesion of cement, some home decoration companies have used the "ground fixation" program. Ground fixation is the ground curing agent, which can block the loose particles and dust on the ground inside the cement, and effectively prevent the dust from returning to the ground. If the consumer has the demand, may request the construction personnel to add.

7. Dust off your clothes before you enter the door

Because most of the dust is brought in from the outside environment. Therefore, before entering the door, we pat our clothes and trousers to dust off the dust attached to the clothes, so as to reduce the dust brought in.

8. Bedding such as sheets and covers should be washed at least once every two weeks

Bed sheet, quilt cover, sofa cover, curtain and other items should be cleaned regularly. In addition, try to use less Plush household products to avoid flying flocs.

9. Clean the things you bring back from outside

The articles taken back from the outside should also be cleaned. There is a lot of dust on the package. It will be very good if it is treated outside the house.

10. Frozen plush toys

I don't know. Maybe there will be mites on the plush toys. The best way to deal with them is to put them in bags and seal them, and then put them in the refrigerator for a few hours.

11. Water the flowerpots less

Putting some green plants at home can also effectively absorb dust. If we often water flowers, it is easy to cause mold breeding, we can put some pebbles on the flower soil, so that we can effectively reduce mold breeding.

12. Sprinkle salt in refrigerator

The tray of the refrigerator is a hotbed of mold, and mold will float to every corner of the room with the vibration of the refrigerator compressor. It is recommended to clean the bottom of the refrigerator regularly and sprinkle some salt on the tray to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria.

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