How to do if the dog doesn't go to the toilet? Train the dog to defecate at fixed points

Pet dogs and our owners eat and live together. Now urban families are high-rise apartments. Unlike the rural areas, there are many open spaces on the ground for them to solve the problem of defecation and defecation by themselves. They need to be trained to defecate at fixed points, otherwise the family will not be able to live. The use of pet dog training to go to the toilet is a must do thing, recently saw news reports, some people use dogs themselves not good training, disobedient, the result is to kill roast eat! It's really cruel and uninhabited. So how to train a dog to go to the bathroom? Let's share a method of training dogs to defecate at fixed points!

The earlier you train your dog to urinate, the better. You should start training when you enter the house. At this time, it is usually about three months. This is also the easiest time to train. You should seize this opportunity to train with half the effort. At this time, the puppies have no rebellious psychology, relatively simple, and are easily affected by training. If they are used to pulling randomly, it will not be easy to train, and training will take more time.

Training dog urination, to pay attention to fixed-point defecation place, choose in a corner, it is better to arrange in a corner of the toilet, to be far away from the restaurant, bedroom, one side of the smell greatly affects the quality, and once the training is done, you can't move anywhere, otherwise you can't find a place to urinate in situ.

There are many ways to train dogs to defecate. It is simple and practical to use old newspapers to do a temporary training for defecation. Now, the place where you need to urinate should be covered with old newspapers so that it won't be pulled to the ground. Then slowly reduce the area of newspaper laying until it reaches the normal size and replace it with a urine pad. This process is fast, slow to reduce, do not rush.

Training dogs should pay attention to the training time for urination. Generally, dogs are easy to urinate in about 15 minutes after meals. In addition, they are easy to urinate when they wake up from sleep. They should seize this opportunity to train. After a week's training, they can basically urinate by themselves. As long as the heart to train, urine training or relatively easy.

When training a dog to urinate, sometimes he looks like he wants to urinate, but he can't pull it out in the newspaper for half a day. In fact, the dog is nervous. He can wipe the feces collected before on the old newspaper on the ground to let the dog smell it. This will be more effective and will basically urinate immediately.

Training dogs to urinate and other training methods, but also to reward, when they defecate, they should be timely reward, so that they will be more happy, in the psychology of pleasing the owner, will do better.

In general, when the dog just arrived at the new environment, he will defecate everywhere. I will teach you several ways to make him form a habit

1. If you are often at home, the way to teach a dog to defecate and urinate is to take him out of the house immediately after eating, waking up or after activities. Generally, he will defecate and urinate. If you see him circling and sniffing all over the ground, it is a behavior before urination. If your door is often open or there is a yard, you should not carry the dog to the house to excrete urine. You must lead him out. Such training can help him become familiar with the route of going in and out of the house to urinate. Soon, he will run out to defecate and urinate when he wants to defecate. If you are a regular commuter, you can use this method, but it is better to keep the dog in the cage at the beginning Take him out of the habit of regular time, after he is used to it, he will bear to defecate and defecate until he goes out.

2. If you live in an apartment or the door is often closed and there is no yard, the best way is to use the so-called pad newspaper method. It is better to keep the dog in a slightly wider cage or limited to a certain range or tied in a certain place with a dog chain. In this small area, you can pad some newspapers everywhere. After a few days, when you see him often defecate and urinate in a certain place, you can put the rest of the small area without newspapers, only lay newspapers in specific places When laying newspapers in a specific place, you usually pad several more newspapers. As long as the newspapers are not wet, you can save the last newspaper as the first one for the next time. After 2-3 weeks of training, your dog may be free to move freely in the house (except for dogs who like to bite East and West). However, when you keep your dog in that small area for the first time, you should carefully consider whether this small area in the future is the place where you want him to urinate most.

Most of the above two methods are quite effective. No matter which method is adopted, in case of "accident" in the process of training, please don't beat him or catch him or sniff the excrement and urine, because if you beat him, you will train a dog who can see you get angry or when he shows his obedience or fear. Be careful! look out! You may say that your dog will not urinate when he comes out. Maybe you caught an active criminal just when he is defecating. Even so, it is not suitable to fight, because it is possible to train a dog to defecate when he is obedient. If your dog urinates several times in the same place where you don't like it, you should use a collar and leash for hours or a day, so that the dog won't like the place and avoid it.

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