How to prolong the service life of mobile phone

How to prolong the service life of mobile phone

1. Mobile phone should be handled in time

If the mobile phone encounters water in the process of use, it is necessary to turn off the power supply of the mobile phone immediately and take out the battery to avoid water droplets corroding the motherboard, and then send it for repair as soon as possible. In addition, using a hair dryer to dry the moisture inside the mobile phone (only warm air can be used) can also slow down the degree of Moisture Corrosion of the machine board. It should be noted that when using a hair dryer to dry the mobile phone, excessive heat may deform the plastic or rubber body.

2. Mobile phone value is generally higher, should pay attention to proper storage, beware of violent collision

Pay attention not to put the mobile phone in the sun or in wet places; keep away from chemicals and gases. Pay attention not to drop or touch the mobile phone. Violent collision will damage the shell and internal components of the mobile phone, and reduce the technical indicators. Therefore, it is recommended to use the protective leather cover of mobile phone.

3. Prevent damage to cell phone antenna

Because the damaged antenna contacts the skin, it will cause slight burns; moreover, the use of the damaged antenna will affect the quality of mobile phone calls and increase the power consumption of the mobile phone.

4. Charge correctly and maintain cell phone battery carefully

Cell phone battery maintenance is also a concern. First of all, charge it correctly. Because the mobile phone battery is set as dormant state by the manufacturer before use, the battery elements need to be activated in order to give full play to the charging and discharging capacity of the battery. Therefore, when charging the mobile phone battery, be sure to use the original charger or the famous brand charger, and follow the instructions. The best performance of the new battery can be achieved only after two or three complete charging and discharging cycles.

5. Clean your mobile phone regularly

If there is too much dust on the mobile phone, the communication quality may be reduced, so clean the phone regularly. When cleaning the mobile phone, use a soft cloth dipped in low concentration of tableware cleaning agent to wipe, and then use the soft cloth to soak in warm water, and then wipe after wring.

6. Reasonable use of mobile phone shortcut keys, try to reduce the number of keystrokes

Many mobile phones have preset shortcut keys, and some users can set their own shortcut keys. In this case, it is better to avoid hotkeys to reduce the number of hot keys.

7. If not for special needs, try to turn off the machine at night

This not only saves electricity, but also minimizes the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones.

How to reduce mobile phone radiation

1. Don't call when the signal is weak

When the signal is weak, or on high-speed vehicles, the radiation generated by mobile phones will be stronger.

2. Don't bring your cell phone into your bedroom

Don't put your cell phone by your pillow when you sleep. Radiation can reduce the secretion of melatonin, not only affect the quality of sleep, but also accelerate the destruction of human free radicals, eventually leading to cancer and other diseases.

3. Always change hands on the phone

It's better to alternate your left and right hands when you're on your cell phone for a long time.

4. Don't put your cell phone in your pocket

The study found that men who often put mobile phones in their trouser pockets had 25% less sperm count than normal men. The effects of mobile phone radiation on different parts of the body are different. Male testicles are most vulnerable to mobile phone radiation damage.

5. After dialing, stretch your arms

The strongest radiation is generated at the moment when the mobile phone is connected. Therefore, after answering or dialing a mobile phone, it is better to extend your arm to keep the mobile phone away from the body and wait for a moment to talk.

6. Don't use cell phones in confined spaces

Don't use cell phones in elevators, trains, subways and other relatively closed spaces. At this time, the mobile phone constantly tries to connect the signal of interruption, which will increase the radiation to the maximum value.

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