How to remove scale in electric kettle?

As for how to use electric kettle, electric kettle is also a kind of electrical appliance commonly used in our daily life. Electric kettle is mainly used to boil water, but it takes a long time, but there is no safety protection in daily life. There are many types of electric kettle. In the purchase of electric kettle, it is easy to produce some scale. At the same time, it is very important for many housewives to have scale As long as you master the method, it is also very easy to remove the scale on the electric kettle.

The scale on the electric kettle is mainly the residual water with different water quality after long-time boiling. The scale must be cleaned in time, otherwise it will cause electric kettle failure and other problems. The following is a brief introduction to how to remove the scale of the electric kettle.

1. Scale removal with vinegar

This method is the simplest and most practical method. We all know that the main component of scale is carbonate such as calcium carbonate. The acetic acid in vinegar will react with it to produce minerals and carbon dioxide gas dissolved in water. Generally, supermarkets can buy white vinegar. Put 10% white vinegar on the scale of water jug, fill it with water, boil it for about an hour, and then brush it In order to, mature vinegar can also, but the effect of mature vinegar is not as good as white vinegar.

2. Descaling of potato in electric kettle

In xinnei, put more than half a kettle of yam, fill it with water, cook the yam, and then boil water, so that there will be no water and scale. But we should pay attention to the inner wall of the pot after boiling potato, otherwise it will lose the function of descaling. For the old kettle which has been full of scale, the original scale will gradually fall off after being boiled once or twice with the above method, and it can prevent the scale from accumulating again.

3. Scale removal with sodium bicarbonate

Generally, the heating plate of electric kettle is made of aluminum. When the electric kettle is boiling water, it is easy to form scale. Generally, we can put 1 teaspoon of baking soda and boil for a few minutes to remove the scale. Or can also pour into the concentration of 1% of bicarbonate water about 500 grams, gently shake rinse, scale can be removed.

The above is how to remove the scale of electric kettle. There are three common shipping methods for the above three products. The dirt can be removed by descaling and baking soda. Generally, it takes a long time and the method is very high. We can take such a method, and it can help us in our daily life, so we must pay attention to it in our daily life Clean the electric kettle, otherwise it will affect the use of the electric kettle.

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