How to use microwave oven to steam rice?

The microwave oven is a more common method of steaming rice. The main part of the microwave oven is the electrical appliances commonly used in daily life. It is mainly suitable for cooking. It mainly uses some electromagnetic waves to react with some magnetic fields. It is relatively fast and energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and pollution-free. In daily life, the rice made by microwave oven is also more delicious and sweet than rice The time of steaming rice is relatively short, and the rice heated by microwave oven is also sweet and delicious.

Microwave heating time is also relatively short, microwave oven steamed rice must be washed rice soaking time, also need to be longer, otherwise the steamed rice is not delicious, not without, according to the type of rice, according to the market situation, add a certain amount of water to cook in the microwave oven.

Steamed rice in microwave oven

1. Wash the rice first (preferably no more than 3 people's rice);

2. Pour the rice into the special plastic container for microwave oven (there must be air holes on the cover. It's better to use the plastic container with the bigger yellow cover sent by the merchant when buying the microwave oven). Pour the water (warm boiled water is the best) and soak for no more than half an hour (the rice steamed after soaking is not easy to be cooked, but also saves time, but the soaking time should not be too long, otherwise the steamed rice is not It has a fragrance).

3. Change the water soaked in uncooked rice into warm water (the principle is the same as above, cold water is OK, but the steaming time is a little longer). Because the rice has been soaked, the water added can be slightly less than that in the rice cooker, and it can be more than one centimeter of rice (no more than 2 cm at most). Close the lid (the inner cover is also covered to prevent boiling out), put it into the microwave oven, turn it to high temperature, and set the time for 6-8 minutes (according to the number of meters);

4. Take out and open the container and stir the rice with a spatula;

5. Fasten the cover, and then use medium fire (high fire is OK) for 3-5 minutes (3 minutes for less rice).

6. Take out the container from the microwave oven. Do not open the lid at this time. Make sure to simmer for another time (5-10 minutes) with residual heat, and then open the lid. OK, the rice is ready.

7. There are three key points to pay attention to when steaming rice in microwave oven: first, the raw rice must be soaked in advance; second, after the first period of time, it must be stirred; third, after the rice is steamed, do not open the cover immediately, but stew with residual heat for a while. Also pay attention to the appropriate amount of water.

8. The rice made in the microwave oven takes less time than that steamed in an electric rice cooker, and it is sweet and delicious. If the rice is left over, when you eat the next meal, heat it in the microwave oven for one minute. It's just as delicious as the steamed rice. The rice cooker can't reach this point.

The above is a brief introduction to microwave cooking. The rice made in the microwave oven is shorter than that in the electric rice cooker, and it is sweet and delicious. At the same time, the rice steamed in the microwave oven must be soaked in rice washing for a longer time, otherwise the steamed rice is not good to eat and is not very sweet and delicious. After the rice is steamed, do not open the lid immediately, but stew with residual heat a little while.

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