Is the radiation greater with less power?

Is the mobile phone less power and more radiation

As we all know, mobile phones send and receive voice and data information through electromagnetic waves. Different mobile phones transmit information through base stations, and the signal coverage of each base station is limited, so the signal strength in different regions will be different. When the signal strength is weak, the mobile phone will strengthen the radiation intensity in order to receive more signals. Therefore, the radiation intensity of the mobile phone is related to the signal strength, not to the electric quantity.

Since the radiation of mobile phone is related to the signal, will the radiation intensity of mobile phone reach 1000 times as much as usual when the signal is weak? This is possible.

Taking GSM mobile phone as an example, when the signal is weak, the maximum peak power can reach 1W when the signal is weak, and the minimum power is 1MW when the signal is full, which is exactly 1000 times of the difference.

Although the maximum radiation energy is 1000 times different, we should not worry too much. After all, it is only compared with the highest value and the lowest value in the ideal state. In practice, it is difficult to reach this peak. Even if the radiation reaches the maximum value, it is only 1W, which is still within the scope of national standards, and has little impact on health.

Although the impact of mobile phone radiation on health is small, it is not without harm. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you do not answer and make calls for a long time in places with weak signals. When answering and making calls, try to use headphones to minimize the harm of mobile phone radiation.

Harm and avoidance of mobile phone radiation

1. When you feel that the head or face of the receiving phone starts to heat up, you should immediately stop the call and scrub and massage the face with hot water to promote the recovery of the injured tissue.

2. The moment the mobile phone is turned on and a few seconds before and after the phone is connected are the strongest electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone. Therefore, in these two periods of time, it is best not to let the mobile phone close to the body or listen to the ear.

3. It is recommended to use headphones for those who often use mobile phones or talk for a long time. The radiation of mobile phone to the head is mainly near-field radiation. When the mobile phone is more than 30cm away from the head, the radiation on the head will be greatly attenuated. The radiation from headphones is more than 100 times less than that from the head of a mobile phone. Especially for those mobile phone radiosensitive, the use of headphones will eliminate the user's conscious symptoms.

4. Try to reduce the phone conversation time, do not "chat on the phone". If a call time really needs a long time, you may as well stop in the middle and divide it into two or three conversations. Since the thermal effect of radiant energy is an accumulation process, it is necessary to minimize the time of each use of mobile phone and the number of times of using mobile phone every day. When it is necessary to talk for a long time, it is more scientific to use the left and right ears alternately.

5. It should be noted that the weaker the display signal of the mobile phone is, the farther the mobile phone is from the base station. At this time, the transmission power of the mobile phone will increase. It is beneficial to use it for a short time as far as possible.

6. Nowadays, most mobile phones support Bluetooth function, and the use of Bluetooth headset can effectively reduce the radiation damage of mobile phones.

7. When charging a mobile phone, it is better to leave the socket 30 cm away from the human body. Do not put it on the side of the bed. Otherwise, the number of immune function cells may be reduced due to radiation.

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