It is a shade tolerant plant suitable for family cultivation

What are shade tolerant plants? See if these are suitable for you. If there is no light or bad light at home, you can try to plant some. At the same time, you should also pay attention to avoid direct sunlight in the maintenance of these plants. Let's learn about it!

asparagus fern

The root is slightly fleshy, the stem is soft and clump, slender. The branches of the stem are numerous and nearly smooth. Leafy branches, setose, slightly trigonous; scaly leaf base slightly spinose spur or spur not obvious. The flowers are white and short stemmed. The flowering period is from September to October.

Breeding Instructions

1. Soil selection: bamboo is generally suitable for potted cultivation, because the potted soil can ensure good drainage.

2. Water irrigation: in fact, the requirement of water for Phyllostachys heterocycla is not strict. The standard of watering is watering after the soil is dry. When watering, the leaves should also be watered

3. Fertilizer control: in fact, we don't like the fertilizer of Asparagus officinalis. It's not like the green pineapple and the tiger tail orchid. We can apply light fertilizer just like the rich tree.

4. Illumination time: bamboos belong to semi shade plants and should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. In particular, the sun in summer needs to be covered in time. Spring and summer can be appropriate for sunshine.

5. Temperature regulation: in daily life, as long as the temperature is above 10 ℃, it can be employed. In summer, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place. In winter, it needs to keep the indoor temperature above 5 ℃.

6. Choice of environment: the bamboo is delicate and clean, so if placed in a place with a lot of smoke or smoke, its leaves will turn yellow and dry.


Also known as wire grass, girl's hair, Clematis. Small plant type, very suitable for small pot cultivation and ornament stone bonsai. It likes bright scattered light and a cool and ventilated environment. It is afraid of direct sunlight. It can be placed in a place with bright indoor light. It can grow normally even if it is placed for one year. Adiantum can absorb about 20 micrograms of formaldehyde per hour, so some people compare it to the most effective biological "purifier".

Breeding points: remember to often water Oh, if you have to travel for too long, it is not suitable to raise this plant!

Sunflower (living room palm)

The most popular indoor palm species, it is an excellent indoor plant, almost any case, it grows even in those dark corners, idle will grow. It requires only minimal care and a moderate amount of light. It produces clusters of yellowish flowers in the spring, but none of these will form in low light conditions.

Breeding tips: it only needs a little scattered light at most. It is native to southeast Mexico and Guatemalan. This is a relatively small species. The graceful palm retains a short, slender stem with pinnate leaves. When living room palms need high humidity and moist soil, they must be watered regularly.


Papyrus is an evergreen ornamental plant, which is best grown indoors or in shady and swampy places in the garden. Many indoor plant lovers have found this plant is easy to grow, and Egyptians also use it to make paper.

Breeding points: it needs a continuous humid environment, so it can be raised in the water, of course, half water and half soil can be, the best shade!


Tiger tail orchid is a perennial herb, placed at home, in addition to play an ornamental role, but also can absorb indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances, reduce its harm to the family.

Especially for newly decorated houses, or new furniture, the effect is more obvious.

Breeding points: it is more drought resistant, wet resistant, shade resistant, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments, suitable for landscaping or potted plants, but also high-grade indoor plants, do not pour too much water, be careful to drown it!

dracaena sanderiana

The plant is slender, erect, with branches on the upper part. The rhizome is transverse and nodular; the stem is thick and erect, and the plant is exquisite. Leaves alternate or nearly opposite, long lanceolate, with obvious main veins, leaves dark green. The umbel has 3-10 flowers, which are born in leaf axils or opposite to the upper leaves. The Corolla is bell shaped and purple.

Breeding Instructions

1. Cut off the leaves at the base of the cuttings before entering the bottle, and cut the base with a sharp knife into an oblique opening. The cut should be smooth to facilitate the absorption of water and nutrients.

2. It is not suitable to change water after rooting, and water can only be added in time after water evaporation decreases. Changing water often causes withering of yellow branches.

3. After rooting, a small amount of compound fertilizer should be applied in time, and the branches will grow strong and the leaves will be green.

4. Do not place the bamboo beside the TV or the place where the air conditioner and electric fan often blow to, so as to avoid the withering of the leaf tip and edge.


One leaf orchid is a perennial flower of Liliaceae family. It also has a very interesting name called Aspidistra. Its underground rhizome looks like a spider and its fruit looks like spider eggs. Call it Aspidistra.

Yelan extremely shade resistant, if the home light is not good, it is absolutely right to raise it.


Saxifraga likes to be cool and humid, and the soil needs to be fertile and moist. It is better to be under the dense and humid forest and on the cool and humid ridge wall.

wandering jew

It is an evergreen herb with soft and brittle stems and creeping on the ground.

Its leaves are like bamboo and beautiful leaves. They are often hung indoors by potted plants to watch their loose and drooping stems and leaves.

Green cloud grass

Green cloud grass likes warm and humid environment, stems and branches with creeping, beautiful posture, blue-green fluorescence makes people happy.

It is an excellent ground cover plant in the south, and also suitable for potted ornamental plants in the north. The planting effect is better in the planting groove, and it is also an ideal potted plant.

Green Rose

Mallow is the most common shade tolerant plant, and has become a popular potted plant, almost every family has planted it.

Green pineapple does not like direct sunlight, also avoid watering too much, not cold resistant, in the maintenance must pay attention to these elements.

Viola africana

African pansy, also known as African violet, is a fine indoor flower and a world-famous potted flower. It likes warm climate, avoids high temperature, and is resistant to shade. It is suitable to grow under scattered light.

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