Matching knowledge and maintenance method of imitation silk umbrella

Collocation knowledge of imitation silk umbrella

1. With bamboo as the bone and silk as the surface, it is light and pleasant to the eye, beautiful in style and easy to carry. It is known as the flower of the West Lake. Xihu silk umbrella has exquisite materials and exquisite production. Its round umbrella surface is made of special silk. This kind of umbrella silk is as thin as cicada's wings. It is well woven, airtight and sun resistant. It is easy to fold and has beautiful colors. The umbrella ribs are made of the unique bamboos in the south of the Yangtze River. There are many varieties of silk umbrellas in the West Lake. It can not only shade and rain, but also decorate.

2. The process of silk umbrella is mainly divided into two major processes: umbrella bone and umbrella making. Each silk umbrella has 36 ribs, which are made of bamboos produced in Fenghua, Yuhang and Deqing of Zhejiang Province. The umbrella bone process starts with bamboo selection, and then carries out nearly 20 processes, such as blanking, scraping, chopping, cutting, sawing, arranging, drilling and mildew prevention, which are generally completed in the workshops in the production area of Phyllostachys pubescens. The umbrella making process includes cutting silk, stretching the umbrella surface, sizing, putting on the umbrella frame, cutting and pasting the edge ring, stringing the flower thread, pasting the green, painting, installing the pole, gluing the umbrella head and handle.

Among them, the string thread is in the 144 small holes of 36 umbrella ribs, which are crossed back and forth to form a mesh pattern. Paste green is to stick the bamboo green on the umbrella surface, corresponding to the yellow umbrella bone under the umbrella surface. Brush painting is based on the painting or pattern of multi-color overprint, the color spray on the umbrella surface. The contents of the brush painting include three pools of moon printing, Pinghu autumn moon and other scenic spots of the West Lake, or hand-painted pictures of ladies, flowers and birds. The umbrella surface is made of silk, silk and georgette. It is as thin as cicada wings. It has more than 10 colors, such as sky blue, rose red and light yellow.

The handle of the umbrella is made of hard wood, in the shape of a vase. It is comfortable to handle and has tassels at the bottom. The top of the umbrella is made of hardwood, which is a small tower like shape with three pools and the moon. After folding and folding, the umbrella surface is pasted with bamboo strips. The appearance of the umbrella looks like a green and moist natural bamboo tube, which is full of strong local color in the south of the Yangtze River.

Cleaning of imitation silk umbrella

1. It can be washed with clean water or special silk washing liquid, and can not be washed with acid or alkaline washing powder. Because the color of the spun silk may fade.

2. If it is not particularly dirty, it is best not to rinse directly with water, but to wipe it gently with a cloth.

Maintenance of imitation silk umbrella

1. Avoid damage caused by direct contact between umbrella surface and sharp objects.

2. After use, be sure to open and dry before folding.

3. The key point of keeping imitation silk umbrella is clean and dry. Because its material belongs to animal protein fiber, if the washing is not clean or drying is not enough, it is easy to cause moth eaten, yellowing or deterioration. If you put hygroscopic agent in the cabinet when storing it, it will be better.

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