Pet road is not always so peaceful, dog daily feeding knowledge

Keeping a dog is more than just feeding it enough, providing it with a place to live. It takes no less than raising a baby to bring up a little milk dog all the way. Sometimes I want to understand the dog's physiological knowledge in an all-round way, but I always don't know where to start. Therefore, it is not so "peaceful" on the road of pet raising, and too many small problems will make the owner unprepared.

1. Do you know how many hours your dog needs to sleep every day? A: puppies usually take about 20 hours. Adult dogs take 10-15 hours. If the dog is often sleepy and depressed, the owner should pay attention to it.

2. Do you know the temperature of an adult dog? A: body temperature of healthy dogs: (measured by anus) small dogs: puppies 38.5-39 ℃ adult dogs 38-39 ℃ medium dogs: puppies 38.5-39 ℃ adult dogs 38-38.5 ℃ large dogs: puppies 38.2-39 ℃ adult dogs. So once the dog's temperature is higher than the standard temperature, it can be determined as a fever. In summer, the body of dog after heat stroke is as high as 40 degrees! That's very dangerous!

3. How many years is the average life span of a dog? A: Generally speaking, the average age of small dogs is higher than that of large dogs. Generally, 12 years is the average age of dogs.

4. Do you know how many teeth an adult dog has? A: 42.

5. Do you know how many toes a dog has on its front and back feet? A: five in the front and four in the back.

6. Why is the nose of love dog always wet? A: dogs will constantly lick their nose, so that cells can more contact with odor molecules, in order to maintain a sensitive sense of smell. Before I saw the owner will deliberately wipe the dog's nose, think that the wet is snot, do not misunderstand!

7. Do you think dogs can tell colors? A: No, the dog's color discrimination ability is very poor, basically is color blind, can only distinguish a very small amount of blue and purple. So the color of toys for dogs is not so conspicuous, and the effect of blue and purple toys will be better.

8. Can dogs directly absorb nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables? A: No, dogs can't absorb plant protein. They must be transformed into animal protein in vivo. Supplement nutrients can give you some favorite instant calcium vitamin, which contains 3 kinds of calcium, 8 kinds of vitamins and 12 kinds of trace elements, which can meet the needs of dog body nutrients.

9. When choosing food, do dogs rely more on smell, taste or vision? A: sense of smell. Dogs have a poor sense of taste and a very sensitive sense of smell. So dogs often eat food that smells good but tastes normal.

10. When the weather is hot, it is necessary to cut the hair of long haired dogs. Can it make them feel comfortable? A: No, because the sweat glands of dogs are mainly distributed on the tongue and the soles of feet, and there are almost no sweat glands on their bodies, so the long hair is cut short. It doesn't help them. Instead, let the sun shine directly and burn their skin.

11. Do dogs also suffer from anxiety and depression? A: Yes, because dogs are also very sensitive animals. The dog may suffer from anxiety and depression if the owner is often left out. They are mainly manifested in their unwillingness to move, and have a bad temper.

12. Can the dog understand you? A: No, but it can understand your tone. So the usual training dog password is not that they really understand, but they know how to behave in that tone. Is it super smart!

Some daily dog knowledge

01. Dogs don't lick themselves clean

Many novice pet dog owners will introduce to others: "my dog is very clean, it can always comb its hair with its tongue, saving me a lot of heart."

It was a serious mistake. The worst thing is that you have a dog, not a cat. It's the same with licking your fur. Dogs and cats have different meanings.

When your dog repeatedly licks any part of his body, there is only one meaning: sick. There are two possibilities: either physically or psychologically.

When the dog's skin is damaged or injured by external force, the dog will use his tongue to clean up the sick area and wound.

If the dog's skin is very healthy, then the dog is to remind you: Master, I feel the pressure, my psychological state of tension for a long time. Found such a situation, as the host, can find the source of pressure as soon as possible, solve the problem.

Otherwise, if not controlled, the dog's mental state will deteriorate, it is likely to lick his skin, then lick his meat, and then lick his bones This statement is not alarmist!

02. Dogs don't have to be nice when they lick others

A lot of people hold up other people's puppies and enjoy the dog licking himself with his tongue.

Even to show off to others: "look, I am so predestined with it, it likes me." In fact, on the contrary, it just lacks the courage and determination to resist in the face of a "behemoth" like you.

The dog licks oneself certainly is not to love cleanly, licks others is not necessarily to be courteous to others.

In the dog world, excluding the mother child behavior, only the low status dog licks the high status dog's share.

The reason why dogs keep licking strangers is that they don't like them. However, due to the judgment of the situation, they have to submit to this person temporarily. When they are afraid of strangers' touching or careless hugs, they will lick people's hands and collect your information.

03. Yawning doesn't necessarily mean sleeping

Although dogs, like humans, yawn and relax when they are sleepy or just wake up, this behavior has nothing to do with sleep when scolded.

It's a dog trying to divert his tension. It sniffed out the smell of gunpowder - the master was getting more and more angry, so he wanted to yawn and tell the master, "forget it, please spare me this time.".

After understanding this point, in the next period of time, the owner basically did not scold the dog too much and too heavily. Soon, his mood was well adjusted, and the small mistakes he had made before had never been repeated. The problem was solved naturally.

So if your dog yawns a lot and doesn't sleep at all, your dog's heart will stay high for a long time under great pressure.

After reading these, do you think you really know dogs?

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