Select and identify all kinds of furniture. The material of furniture should be environment-friendly and the smell should not be stimulated

After the decoration of the new house, furniture is a necessary item for everyone. This selection process is also a kind of test for everyone. Everyone likes the style is not the same, for everyone, choose suitable for their own is the best. In fact, there are many people in life who do not know what kind of furniture is suitable for us, so how should we choose the furniture that is suitable for us? Let's have a look.

Teach you to pick and identify furniture

Take a look: furniture material to environmental protection

From the point of material, furniture can be divided into: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, cloth furniture, rattan art, paper furniture, etc. No matter what kind of material furniture, the primary guarantee must be health. When buying furniture, you can check the relevant quality test report to ensure that the furniture you buy is healthy and environmentally friendly.

Second smell: the smell can't stimulate

Environmental friendly furniture should not irritate the eyes, nose and throat. If you smell the furniture, you will find that the smell is irritating, you need to pay attention to it. The more pungent the smell is, the higher the formaldehyde content may be. However, some furniture even if the taste is not heavy, the material is still unqualified. Therefore, before purchasing, we must ask the business to show the relevant environmental protection certificate.

Third touch: the paint should be smooth

After smelling the smell, you need to watch the paint carefully. Paint is also closely related to human health. You need to touch it with your hands. What you need to pay attention to is whether the paint is smooth, whether the paint is wrinkled or not, and whether there is paint falling off. Furniture of general formal manufacturer, in paint respect is done very fastidious.

Si Cha: four feet are flat

Whether you are buying a bed, a sofa, a wardrobe or a dining table, four feet of furniture must be flat, which is also a prerequisite. When you look at the furniture, you can shake it or sit on it and try it. If you make a sound, you should pay attention, such furniture may not be solid.

Different furniture, the surface material is different. For example, the legs of tables, chairs and cabinets are required to be made of hardwood, which is relatively strong and can bear load, while the internal materials can be made of other materials; the thickness of coat cabinet legs is required to reach 2.5cm, which is clumsy if it is too thick, and easy to bend and deform if it is thin; cabinets in kitchen and toilet can not be made of fiberboard , and should use plywood, because fiberboard will expand and damage when meeting water; dining table should be washable.

It was found that the wood had wormholes and foam, indicating that the drying was not complete. After checking the surface, you should also open the cabinet door and drawer door to see if the inner material is rotten. You can pinch it with your fingernails. If you pinch it in, it means that the inner material is rotten. After opening the cabinet door, sniff it with your nose. If you flush your nose, glare and tears, it means that the formaldehyde content in the adhesive is too high, which will be harmful to.

Six Views: is the sealing edge smooth

If the edge is uneven, it means that the inner material is wet and the edge will fall off in a few days. Edge sealing should also be round corner, not straight edge and right angle. The edge sealed with wooden strips is easy to get damp or crack. For the furniture covered with plywood, nails are used to nail the strip. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the nail hole is flat and whether the color of the nail hole is consistent with other parts. Usually, the nail hole is sealed with putty. Pay attention to whether the putty bulges. If the putty bulges up, it means that the putty will fall out slowly. Whether the edge sealing is smooth is also an important factor to investigate a manufacturer. Small manufacturers with poor quality use manual edge banding. If the quality of the plate is too poor and the quality of the plate edge is too poor, special attention should be paid when purchasing.

7: Moisture content of wood shall not exceed 12%

The moisture content of furniture should not exceed 12%. If the moisture content is high, the wood is easy to warp and deform. When the general consumer purchases, does not have the test instrument, may take the hand to touch the furniture bottom surface or inside has not painted place, if feels the moisture, then the moisture content is at least above 50%, simply cannot use. Another way is to sprinkle a little water on the unpainted part of the wood. If the Yin is slow or not, it means that the moisture content is high.

8: Is the furniture structure firm

Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, clothes hangers, etc., can be dragged on the cement floor and dropped gently. The sound is clear and crisp, indicating that the quality is good. If the sound is hoarse and there is a noise of splitting mile, it indicates that the tenon joint is not tight and the structure is not firm. Desk, table can be shaken by hand to see if it is stable. You can sit on the sofa. If you sit on it, it will creak and wriggle. It's nail work. It won't take long.

Square table, table, chair and other legs should have four triangular clips to fix them. When selecting, you can turn the table and chair upside down to have a look, and the cloth covered chair can be touched by hand.

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