Teach you how to train your pet. Training your dog requires the right method and patience

When it comes to dogs, maybe everyone has a little understanding of their own pet dogs, and they all know what their dogs like to eat most! But many people don't understand dog training. Sometimes they are in a hurry. It's not right to beat them. How to train dogs is a trick many dog lovers want to learn. In fact, pet dogs are highly plastic and need us to guide them correctly. In general, training dogs requires the right method and patience! In this way, they can better and faster understand your instructions, know your intention, and reward them to do it. Now let's give you a brief explanation.

First of all, we must let the dog completely believe you, this is very important, let them think you are trustworthy, so that they can fully obey your instructions, that is to say, first of all, we should make friends with them and learn knowledge in play. When correcting the dog's mistakes, we should grasp the scene of the crime and grasp the appearance. If after a few minutes, you blame them again, so they are at a loss and don't know why you are angry. Training pet dog, need reward mechanism to train better, this is also a guide dog training method currently used. Use what they like to eat and play with, care for and praise them, so that they can be satisfied and make the dog happy, so that they can master some training subjects in entertainment.

When correcting the daily behavior mistakes of pet dogs, we can't love them, and we can't remember them. If we are angry, we should train them and neglect to discipline them. This is not a good way to train dogs. For their bad habits and behaviors, we should persist in training. We should never condone traitors and indulge their behaviors. When the dog corrected, to give them a timely reward, which is also very important, no reward can not attract the dog's attention. When training dogs, especially when they make mistakes, the command and tone should be dignified. They can also make sounds in combination with beating objects and the ground to interfere with the dog's wrong behavior and divert their attention.

When walking dogs out, we must get used to wearing collars to avoid accidents and develop good walking habits. When they make mistakes outside, they should also be corrected in time. You should not teach them because you feel that you have no face because of someone. In this way, they will develop bad habits, and it will be difficult to correct them in the future.

When they are disobedient and destroy things, don't punish them physically. This is the worst behavior. Even if they bite the things at home, we can't hit them, let alone shout because they don't obey. They are very sensitive to the master's voice and will scare them. Don't chase them after they do something wrong. It's very dangerous.

For the password that they can't remember for a while and a half, don't worry. Slowly, coercion can't achieve the expected effect. Each training time can't be too long. It needs them to train when they are excited and pay attention. When pulling a dog's rope, don't lift it. This is their most afraid action, which will make it feel threatened. In addition, dogs are lively and active, can not be locked in a small dark space, so they will be nervous and afraid. Even if they make big mistakes, they can't help but give them food and drink. It's irresponsible.

How to train your dog to urinate?

It's not difficult to train your dog to urinate. It's mainly used in the right way. After all, our dogs are very smart kids. Although they are small and ignorant, they still know where they should urinate. They have an inborn habit of not urinating near their own nest or eating places. They are still very clean It's very nice.

First of all, we should make it easy for them to find their own place to defecate. We need their range of activities, and put their stool mats in the range of activities. If the range is too large, it is still difficult for the dog to find it. The way to do this is to buy a fence to enclose the puppies so that they can quickly find a place to urinate.

The next step is to train them to urinate. Generally, within 10-20 minutes after eating, the dog likes to go to the toilet. At this time, we should pay close attention to the dog's behavior and judge whether it wants to urinate. When we see the dog sniffing the ground and turning around in the same place, it is time to urinate. He was guided and encouraged to go to the designated place for defecation. When they find a place, don't disturb them. Let them urinate at the place you set. When they have finished defecation, they immediately praise Macao, such as "wonderful", and stroke their head with illness to express reward. After several times of training, they know to find the place to defecate, so it is very easy to complete the training of defecation.

When dogs are defecating, we should not disturb them, do not use too much language and gestures to interfere with them. Pooping and urinating is not something to enjoy, and they are also very nervous. Therefore, we should let them urinate in a relaxed state, which is better. Don't be in a hurry, urge the dog to urinate quickly, which will make them nervous and uneasy, and will not cooperate with urination in the future. In addition, when dogs defecate, do not punish them, but guide them patiently. Punishment will make them more nervous and affect the next step of training.

In fact, there are many ways to train dogs to defecate. Previously, 52 dog net editor has also introduced the method of newspaper training, which is similar to this. It is also easy to train. When they urinate, they will hold onto the newspaper. At the beginning, the newspaper laying area is larger, and then it will gradually shrink. After defecation, let go of the upper layer and leave the following newspaper This will leave a smell of defecation. The next time I smell a stool newspaper, it will not naturally start to urinate. It can induce the dog to urinate. After that, it will slowly shrink, and finally there will be a piece or newspaper.

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