The emotion expressed by the dog's different posture can understand the emotion expressed by the dog's tail

Dog is a good friend of human beings, but also an intelligent, emotional animal. It also has emotions, but the way of expression is different. In addition to barking, its eyes, ears, tail, mouth, and body movements can express its emotions. Dogs, like people, also have their own actions. There are a lot of new owners who don't know the dog's posture very well. Today, I'd like to popularize the emotions expressed by different postures of dogs.

The emotions expressed by the dog's different postures

Looking down in disappointment: I'm a little upset.

Belly up: you are my boss, you see how weak I am.

The whole body is stiff, the back hair is erect and growls in a low voice: look out! Don't push me!

Yawn: I'm so nervous.

Shrug your nose, showing your teeth and growling menacingly: I've put up with it to the limit. Don't get upset.

Let's play the game!

Roll in front of you: I'll do whatever you want.

Snore for breath: may be angry.

Understand the emotion expressed by dog tail

The dog tail has about 20 vertebrae, around which there are 6 thick blood vessels and numerous nerve fibers, which are directly connected with the brain through the spine. When the dog's mood changes, the brain receives signals from the nerve fibers and tail vertebrae to the tail, so the dog's mood can be reflected in the changes in the tail.

Stand at right angles: when a dog meets the opposite sex, its tail will stand at a right angle and vibrate slightly.

Droop: it means anger.

Swing from side to side: very happy.

Rolled under the abdomen: to express fear.

Loose down: may be sick, no spirit.

Tight clip: it means fear.

Pay attention to the dog's "language"

Joy: keep beating, body bending, with the front legs to step on the ground, tail swing hard to the left and right, ears twist backward. Large dogs may also lift their front legs to lick their owners' faces and make a brisk "bark".

Sometimes, he would wag his tail, and his hands would wag and whine.

Sajiao: use your nose to make a "ha ha" sound. When asking the master to forgive and act coquettish, he will drop his tail. If you want something or want the owner to play with it, you will gently wag your tail.

Anger: the whole body is stiff, the limbs are stretched out, the dog's hair is inverted, and the lips roll up, exposing the teeth, and making a threatening "growl". The tail moves slightly and the ears stand upright toward each other.

Sadness: make a "coo", "Ho Ho" call, low tail, to ask for help posture friction host body.

Alert: ears stand up, mouth will be issued I, bark "call. When a foreign enemy approaches, it sends out a continuous "Wang - Wang - Wang - Wang - Wang - Wang",

Terror: feel the different degree of terror, will drop the tail in different degrees. When the tail is completely rolled into the middle of the legs, it shows extreme terror. The ears are twisted to the back, and they are in a sleep state, and the whole body is compressed into a ball.

Loneliness: the whole body is relaxed and paralyzed, like yawning, giving out the voice of "ah ah".

Dogs are very emotional animals, although it can not speak, but it can express their emotions through their own body movements, I hope that dog owners can take time to pay more attention to their dogs!

1. Very jealous

Dogs are not alone in being jealous. As soon as I took the two Demu home, my rhubarb showed great dissatisfaction and would bully them whenever I had a chance. As soon as Yu Demu saw rhubarb running over, he was instinctively scared to urinate, like the one with endless urine, which was obviously jealousy and fear. In addition, rhubarb also used a hunger strike to protest at that time, but stopped eating two or three mouthfuls, regardless of the flavor. Later, when I saw that it didn't work, I compromised, but I bullied two puppies every day.

2. Will be angry, angry

In addition to jealousy, sometimes when I see two little German shepherds in my arms to play, they will come and go around my legs. See I ignore, will be angry biting my trouser legs, sometimes also bite shoes. Maybe I can't stand it. I brought back two "dyed" dogs without his permission, and they are round and round, not like serious dogs at all.

3. A sad face

The dog compromise is a sad look, very funny. I remember that when Reed was five months old, rhubarb couldn't beat both of them at all. That period of time might be a torment for Rhubarb. Every day I watch two paparazzi around me. Later, worried that rhubarb would suffer from depression, he took it to the mountains every day to relax. What makes people laugh and cry is that at the beginning, I behaved very reluctantly, and there was no interaction with me on the road. Until I held its head and played for a while, I didn't return to my previous mischievous, which was no longer the appearance of a sad face.

4. Happy look

After so many years, the family dog is now getting along with the most harmonious time in history. Maybe it has something to do with getting older. Rhubarb is 12 years old, not as aggressive as before, and is very tolerant of other dogs in the family. The two German Shepherds are also 8 years old, and their physique is still very strong. Their personality is stable and easy to get along with. The other three pastoral dogs are also 6 years old, in their prime years, and they follow Dazhuang out every year.

Sometimes sitting in the backyard playing with mobile phones, it's really gratifying to watch them play happily. At this moment, I really realize the happiness of a dog owner: even if I'm not around me, I'm very happy to see them happy.

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