The planting method of potted tomato

1. Planting

Tomato can be directly seeded and seeded at home, and can be soaked for 3-4 hours at about 30 degrees. During this period, the seeds were stirred several times to reach the hand. The seeds were not slippery by hand. The seeds were covered with wet gauze and germinated at 25-30 ℃. About 12-18 hours later, 2 / 3 seeds were sown when they were exposed. The thickness of covering soil was generally about 0.5cm. After germination, when the seedlings reach 3-4 leaves, they can be transplanted into the pot.

When planting, the bottom fertilizer, preferably chicken manure, pigeon manure and other organic fertilizers should be placed inside the flowerpot, and the fertilizer should be fully mixed with the soil. Then, use a garden shovel to dig out the seedlings about 5cm away from the root system of the original pot. The depth should not be less than 8cm. The seedlings with soil lumps should be planted in the pot, and the plants should be righted and the flowerpot should be shaken gently. After planting, water was poured into the basin until there was water seeping out from the basin hole. In the days when the seedlings are just planted in the flowerpot, it is necessary to ensure that the soil is not too wet, otherwise it is easy to grow in vain.

2. Illumination

Small tomatoes like sunshine, in addition to just planting a few days to avoid the sun waiting to adapt to the environment, to ensure sufficient sunshine time every day, even in summer, even in dog days, do not need shading, as long as you give it enough water every day.

3. Water and fertilizer management

After the tomato is put into the pot, it should be watered once, and then every 3-5 days. The amount of watering should be controlled before fruit setting, and the basin soil should be kept moist during fruit expansion. 200 mg / kg compound liquid fertilizer was poured every 10 days after entering the pot or rotten chicken manure was applied before flowering.

4. Pruning

When the small tomato seedlings gradually grow up and begin to bifurcate, remember to cut off the branches under the tomato seedlings. Do remember to start from the bottom, and do not have to give up, because these branches generally will not bear fruit, but only consume nutrients. After pruning, pruning, topping and fruit thinning are needed. The pot type can be made by twisting branches and breaking branches. It's not good to choose branches in the morning and rainy days. In addition, the old yellow leaves and branches at the base of tomato seedlings should be removed in time, and the seedlings should be ventilated and transparent to reduce nutrient consumption.

Tip: plant tomato pots in a well ventilated, windy place. Tomato does not need insect pollination, but it must be windy. If there is no wind when the tomato is in full bloom, shake the branches several times a day. Do not shake the flowers down.

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