What are the tips for cleaning range hood?

The waste oil in the oil box of range hood can be used

Now many family kitchens, are using range hood, its oil box is not a few days full of waste oil. It is the best "degreasing agent" to remove stains on kitchen window lattice, ventilator and range hood. Specific method: dip in the waste oil with rag or towel, and then wipe the oil with cloth, and then wipe it with clean cloth. Articles with thick oil stain can be soaked in waste oil for a few seconds, and then can be wiped off with cloth after the oil softens (especially thick ones need to be scraped with thin bamboo board.)

The oil in the hood oil box can be used. Doors and windows are all connected with iron hinges, which often cause severe wear when opening and closing. A small wooden stick can be used to dot the waste oil on the hinge shaft, which can not only prolong the service life of the hinge, but also reduce the noise.

Kitchen range hood oil removal magic method

After the range hood is used, the oil basin should be cleaned up, and the plastic bag used for wrapping sweet orange can be put into the oil box, which is close to the box wall. When the box is full of oil, remove the bag filled with oil and replace it with a new one. This can not only solve the problem of dirty oil enterprises, but also make use of waste plastic bags to save time.

Measures to prevent oil pollution in kitchen gas pipeline

Users of buildings using pipeline gas will encounter this situation: the oil stains adhered to the gas pipeline are thick and difficult to remove. This paper introduces a preventive method: firstly, the oil stains drilled on the gas pipe are thoroughly removed, and then the paper cut from the waste calendar (5cm) is about wide, which is wrapped up along the gas pipe. In this way, it is not only beautiful and generous, but also convenient to exchange if the paper is dirty.

Cleaning method of ceramic tile around gas stove

The white ceramic tile around the gas stove is easy to be polluted by oil splashing and smoke, and it is not easy to clean it. According to a friend, you can paint the colored plastic film of the calendar that you didn't use last year, and paste it on the ceramic tile around with goldfish washing spirit. It can not only save the wiping time, but also change it every few months according to your favorite pattern.

Tips for cleaning oil collecting box of range hood

After the oil collecting box of the range hood is full of oil, it is difficult to remove the oil dirt adhering to the bottom and four walls of the box. If a layer of washing powder is sprinkled on the bottom of the box after each cleaning, the oil is lighter than water, and the oil will float on the water when there is oil accumulation. After the oil in the box is poured out, there will be no oil dirt adhesion at the bottom of the box. It is easy to clean with detergent.

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