What flowers and plants are not suitable for your family?

Allergy prone flowers and plants

1. Poinsettia

The white juice in the stems and leaves can stimulate the skin and cause allergic reactions, such as eating the stems and leaves by mistake, and there is a risk of poisoning and death.

2. A string of red

Pollen, will make the allergic constitution of people, especially asthma or respiratory tract allergy patients with aggravation.

In addition, yuclove, plum, hydrangea, geranium, Bauhinia, etc. are allergic, sometimes touch them will cause skin allergic reaction, red rash, itchy unbearable.

Plants with thorns

Although cactus purification air effect is good, but its surface covered with thorns will inadvertently hurt people, if there are mobility problems in the elderly or unreasonable children, it is best not to raise. In addition, thorn plum and so on also have sharp thorn, stem leaf contains toxin, also do not raise.

Poisonous flowers and plants

Many of our favorite flowers are poisonous and may cause discomfort only by touching them. Especially for families with children, try not to raise them.

1. Yellow and white Rhododendron

It contains toxins, which can cause vomiting, dyspnea, numbness of limbs, etc. if ingested by mistake, it will cause shock.

2. Mimosa pudica

It contains Mimosa alkaloid. If it is exposed to too much, it will cause eyebrow thinning, hair yellowing and even falling off.

3. Yu Meiren

It contains toxic alkaloids, especially the fruit. If it is eaten by mistake, it will cause central nervous system poisoning and even life-threatening.

4. Evergreen

It contains a kind of toxic enzyme. If it touches the juice of its stem and leaf, it will cause skin itching and inflammation. If the child grasps or mistakenly bites, it will stimulate the oral mucosa and cause throat edema, and even make vocal cord paralysis and aphonia.

Too fragrant flowers and plants

1. Evening primrose

A large amount of aroma will be released at night, which is harmful to human health. If placed indoors for a long time, it will cause dizziness, cough, even asthma, boredom and insomnia.

2. Tulip

Containing toxic alkali, people and animals in this aroma stay for 2 ~ 3 hours, will be dizzy brain swelling, poisoning symptoms, serious cases will also hair loss.

3. Pines and cypresses

It secretes lipid substances and emits a strong pine fragrance, which stimulates the stomach and intestines of the human body. If you smell it for a long time, it will not only affect your appetite, but also make pregnant women feel upset, nausea and vomiting, dizziness. In addition, peony, rose, Narcissus, lily, orchid and other famous flowers are also fragrant. However, people will feel chest tightness and discomfort and dyspnea when they are exposed to this strong fragrance environment for a long time Chang, may also insomnia.

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