What is the most suitable flower in March?

1. Flower species suitable for garden planting

1. Species of ground flowers

If the front of your courtyard is open and open, with good lighting and ventilation conditions, or the distance between your courtyard and the front row of buildings is more than 30 meters, and the soil has been improved to a certain extent, you can plant some flower species that prefer light and have higher requirements on the growth environment.

Ground planted flowers and trees such as: Magnolia, ginkgo, Osmanthus fragrans, Magnolia, Michelia, Magnolia, papaya, Begonia, zuixi Begonia, Xifu Begonia, Qionghua, snowball, persimmon, hibiscus, Liriodendron, plum blossom, rose, fig, camellia, Lagerstroemia indica, peony, pomegranate, wisteria, cherry blossom, grape, green peach, Tianzhu, Hongfeng, Bauhinia, hibiscus, Canary date, etc.

If your courtyard is shady and wet, you should choose some kinds of flowers and trees suitable for the wet conditions, such as palm, Heather, peach leaf coral, holly, Ligustrum lucidum, Mahonia grandiflora, Cinnamomum camphora, Longbai, duying, luohansong, Illicium verum, Sabina chinensis, cedar, Chimonanthus praecox, plantain, Polygonum japonicus, etc.

No matter how light or wet your courtyard is, you should pay attention to the following points when planting flowers and trees:

① The lowest temperature that flowers and trees can bear should not be lower than the local minimum temperature to avoid freezing injury;

② It is suitable for the local soil and water conditions to avoid acclimatization;

③ It has less diseases and insect pests, longer flowering and fruiting period, fragrant fragrance and auspicious flower name;

④ The number of flowers and trees should not be too much, 1-2 plants can be planted in small courtyards, and several more plants can be planted in large courtyards;

⑤ The height of adult trees should not exceed the windows and balconies on the second floor, so as not to hinder the lighting of the residents upstairs and affect the relationship between neighbors;

⑥ It is to avoid planting flowers and trees that may cause human allergy or toxic substances;

⑦ For example, the height of Ginkgo biloba, Japanese fir, Osmanthus fragrans, Prunus mume and Podocarpus grosvenorii should not be less than 2 meters;

⑧ It is necessary to leave some free space for planting flowers and potted ornamental plants.

There are many kinds of grass flowers and ground cover plants suitable for ground planting. There are carnation, goldfish grass, kale, pansy, a bunch of red, cockscomb, qianrihong, Bubugao, marigold, Althaea, Impatiens, Lupin, Daisy, calendula, Yumeiren, scallion, dahlia, etc.

The species of grass flowers and ground cover plants with shade tolerance are: Ophiopogon japonicus, Ophiopogon japonicus, propitious grass, Hosta, purple calyx, Lycoris, evergreen, evergreen, iris, Acorus calamus, Saxifraga, etc.

2. Potted flower species

There are many kinds of flowers suitable for potted cultivation in the courtyard at home. If the conditions are good, some kinds of flowers with more detailed management requirements can be planted, such as plum blossom, Milan, camellia, poinsettia, Chimonanthus praecox, Rhododendron belgiana, Arauca, Brazil iron, fortune tree, King coconut, brandy, Pearl Orchid, jasmine, rich seed, pineapple, money tree (longfengmu), and ash pear (commonly known as longfengmu) African Jasmine), Cinnamomum cassia (commonly known as Ping An tree), Zantedeschia, Primula, Cymbidium hybridum, Anthurium andraeanum, Jianlan, Phalaenopsis, cyclamen, Oncidium, wandailan, Rieger Begonia, Begonia, Strelitzia, hibiscus viridis, Clivia, Mallotus, Alternanthera, helianthus, bergamot, Daidai Dai, lemon, tulip, hyacinth, lotus Fish tail sunflower, loose tail sunflower, wine bottle coconut, etc.

In the courtyard with relatively poor conditions, some species with extensive management requirements can be planted, such as Tianzhu, Tieshu, Zongzhu, chrysanthemum, Chunlan, Huilan, zhudinghong, Yingchun, Jinzhong, Jinque, Junxue, Begonia, sijigui, cactus, Wenzhu, rubber tree, Epiphyllum, Lingjian lotus, turtle back bamboo, spring feather, goose firewood, cold water flower, hongbeigui, Yehua There are three kinds of plants, such as big thorn, camellia, camellia, azalea, banyan, etc.

2. Reproduction of garden flowers

1. Sowing

The garden flower species that can be sown in March are Lagerstroemia indica, Bauhinia, Chimonanthus praecox, red maple and Liriodendron. The seeds of the last five species need to be soaked in cold water for 24-36 hours before sowing, and then sowed after the water is absorbed. The species of flowers and trees that can be sown and raised seedlings through sand storage include cycads, Ginkgo biloba, Podocarpus, Momordica, Magnolia, Michelia, osmanthus, Aesculus, Ilex, pomegranate, Qionghua, etc. The herbaceous flowers that can be sown are: Impatiens balsamina, marigold, Euphorbia zingiberensis, Salvia splendens, cockscomb, multicolored pepper, winter coral, Primula, Mallow, purple jasmine, Strelitzia, Clivia, and so on. Some cold resistant species should be planted in plastic shed.

2. Cutting

The feasible species of flowers and trees for cutting propagation in March are: Hibiscus alba, geranium, Epiphyllum, Lingjian lotus, purslane, gem flower, stone lotus, hydrangea, Nandina, Begonia, Yinya willow, hypericum Hypericum, Podocarpus grosvenorii, pomegranate, fig, star anise, gardenia, Jinzhong, Yingchun, Cuibai, Ruixiang, torch fruit, etc. cold resistant flowers should be cut in the shed or indoor.

3. Grafting

The varieties of flowers and trees that can be grafted and propagated in March are as follows: 1-2-year-old seedlings of Pinus thunbergii are used as Rootstocks to propagate Pinus quinquefasciatus, Pinus Osaka and Pinus Jinsong; 1-2-year-old Magnolia and Magnolia Magnolia seedlings are cut for propagation of Michelia and Magnolia; 1-year-old peach and apricot seedlings are used for cutting propagation of Prunus mume, Shoutao peach, green peach, Hongye peach, etc When the leaf buds grow to the size of wheat grain, the scions of good varieties of Chimonanthus praecox were cut and grafted, and the survival rate was higher; the grafting propagation of crab claw orchid and various cactus with triquetrum arrow as rootstock should be carried out in the greenhouse. In addition, Camellia sinensis, cherry blossom, Osmanthus fragrans and red maple can also be grafted in March.

4. Layering

In March, the species of flowers and trees that can be propagated by layering are Camellia sinensis, Camellia sinensis, plum blossom, Chimonanthus praecox, red maple, Podocarpus grosvenorii, cypress, Michelia, Begonia, snowball, gardenia, osmanthus, Magnolia, etc.

5. Ramets

The flower species that can be propagated by ramets in March are: orchids, Paeonia suffruticosa, orchid, Phyllostachys, hemlock, Nandina, Mahonia, Begonia, Cymbidium, Oxalis triangularis, Canna, Zingiber, dahlia, Strelitzia, etc.

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