What is the right way to train American kittens?

In the process of raising American short haired cats, cats may have a variety of mischievous behaviors. Many breeders need to educate and train their short haired cats when they are young, so that cats can form good habits and behaviors from childhood, and reduce the trouble and annoyance caused by naughty cats in the process of raising. So, what are the right ways to train American kittens?

The correct method of training American short hair cat

When American kittens do something they shouldn't do, the breeder should immediately say "no" to yell at it. When the cat does not listen to the owner's words repeatedly do so, the breeder will give it the necessary punishment, to warn its behavior is very wrong, very angry. Let the cat understand your behavior and the meaning of the language, to warn the cat can not do this wrong behavior.

Scolding and punishing the cat is not equal to beating and scolding it at will. If the cat is beaten casually, it will easily lead to a sense of fear of its owner and a character of inferiority. Although the cat can't understand the owner's words, it is very clear that the voice of rebuke is different from that of praise. When the cat is praised, it will be in a better mood, so the effect of education will gradually be higher. Of course, in this case, it's important to praise on the spot rather than afterwards.

When training American kittens, the breeders should never give up or change their attitude. This will make the cat confused, do not understand the meaning of the owner, leading to the cat will repeatedly appear some wrong improper behavior, and the breeder is also difficult to adjust and change it.

How to correct the behavior of American short haired cat

It is a natural instinct for American short haired cats to grind their claws. The "claw grinding" of a cat is actually the action of stretching the body, hands and feet. When the cat's toenails are too long to affect normal activities, the cat will grind its feet. When the cat grinds its claws, it will scratch all kinds of furniture in the home, such as wardrobe, floor, sofa, etc. This kind of serious and destructive claw grinding behavior makes the family feel annoyed and headache. And how can owners correct the behavior of American short haired cats?

First of all, when the owner found that the American short hair cat claws, the owner should promptly stop the cat's behavior. It's very irritating to tell the American Bobcat that this kind of random clawing behavior is very annoying. And when the American Shorthair cat is found to have a tendency of disorderly paws, the owner should say "no" to it in time.

Second, when the American Shorthair cat ignores your command and scolding, the owner can give appropriate punishment, such as spraying water on the cat, yelling loudly, tapping the cat's head gently with his hand, and so on. Let American Bobcats know that when they scratch, they will be severely punished. Let the American Bobcat awe you and follow your orders.

The owner can choose some other substitute items for the American short haired cat to scratch its paws. Owners can buy special cat claw grinding board on the market, and then fix it in the place where the cat is used to grinding claws and likes to climb frequently. It can be used to grind the claws of American short haired cats at any time.

How to train American kittens to defecate at fixed points

Raising american shorthair cats needs to be trained from childhood to develop good living habits, so that American short haired cats can develop a good habit of defecating and defecating at fixed points. So how to train the american shorthair cats to develop the good habit of defecation at fixed points?

The owner should observe carefully to understand the physical characteristics of American short haired cats before defecation and urination. When you find the cat around, anxious, it means that the cat wants to defecate. At this point, the owner should put the cat on the litter at a fixed place, and then let the cat defecate.

In daily life, the owner should prepare a fixed toilet for American kittens, and then lay 3-4cm litter in the toilet. You can add a cat's urine smell to the litter. When the cat smells his own urine, it is also very good for training the cat to defecate at the designated place.

The owner should always replace the litter for the cat. Once the litter in the cat toilet is found to be in the shape of a hill, the owner should change the litter. Of course, when cleaning litter for American short haired cats, we must remember not to leave any litter with urine smell to remind the cat to defecate here.

Training American short haired cats to defecate at a designated place also needs to persist for a period of time. On the way to training, the owner must patiently teach the cat and guide the cat to defecate at the designated place. Never give up on the way of training. Once you give up, it is difficult to train the cat to defecate at a fixed point.

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