What kind is better to raise flowers at home?

What kind is better to raise flowers at home?

(1) Choose flowers according to the lighting conditions of the family. Indoor light photography is weak, suitable for shade resistant flowers, such as orchid, Magnolia, bulbous Begonia, Clivia and so on; Nandina, winter coral, cinnabar root for fruit observation; fern, ornamental pineapple, taro, pepper, Araceae, Liliaceae, etc. for viewing leaves; Buddleja, Nitraria Tigris, Botrytis chinensis, golden amber, aloe, single tree, stripe Twelve volumes, etc.

Balcony lighting is relatively adequate, but there are also defects such as close to the wall, high radiation heat, strong wind and dry climate. Therefore, it is necessary to select the species with strong adaptability, tolerance to pruning and extensive management, such as chrysanthemum, Daisy, guayeju, gerbera, Impatiens, pansy, etc. for viewing leaves, such as Zhu Jiao, Jin maijue bed, changyemu, Huaye taro, etc., and Ornamental Pepper, pomegranate, etc Five finger eggplant, cinnabar root, cinnabar orange, bergamot, etc.

Families with courtyard can choose according to the light characteristics of the courtyard. The commonly used flowers and trees are Canna, dahlia, vermilion, lotus, rose, plum blossom, peony, azalea, camellia, osmanthus, triangle plum, firecrackers, brown bamboo, Arauca, cycas, etc.

(2) Choose flowers from the angle of economy and management. Before choosing flowers, you should consider how much money you have to buy and how much time and effort you may spend on managing them. From a simple economic point of view, of course, it is cost-effective to buy seedlings to raise themselves. For example, Millennial trees and palms are not growing fast, and the price is relatively high. You can buy some seedlings and raise them by yourself, so that you can spend less money. If the economy permits, you can buy some plants that can match the home space in height and size. For example, a fig with a height of about two meters can grow indoors for more than ten years or even decades. Its body shape will not change significantly in a short time, and it will not need to be updated due to aging too fast. It is very convenient for management and can save a lot of energy. In the layout of the large space of the bedroom, spend a certain amount of blood to buy some beautiful, tall plants is worth it.

Some people like to display rare and exotic varieties at home, such as rare, newly introduced, not yet popularized or propagated, and difficult to cultivate, which are relatively expensive.

Perhaps because of their unique ornamental characteristics, some people are willing to give generously, but they do not necessarily have a very prominent value for beautifying the environment, and they often require special environmental conditions and higher cultivation techniques, and the general people do not choose this kind of varieties.

From a management point of view, if you are an office worker, you can choose flowers that are easy to grow.

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