Whether WiFi carcinogenesis is credible depends on what experts say

With the development of communication technology and Internet, people's mobile phones can be connected to the Internet in any place. They can pay attention to anything they want to care about in any corner. They can also keep the communication smooth in any place. This is the present era. With the popularity of WiFi, people are more convenient to communicate with the outside world and other people. Moreover, in order to attract more customers in many public places, WiFi is installed in the store to facilitate the use of customers. KFC, for example, is equipped with unlimited WiFi, which is convenient for many people. Therefore, it is always full of traffic.

However, recently, it has been widely spread on the Internet that WiFi causes cancer, which makes people who keep their mobile phones on the Internet all the time start to panic. This is a group of real lowly people. No matter where they go, they always look at their mobile phones and pay attention to the world in their mobile phones, while ignoring the outside world. Moreover, in order to facilitate the use, most of them will install wireless WiFi, if cancer, then this must be a high-risk population. Therefore, this news caused a lot of discussion, whether WiFi cancer is credible?

In fact, the person who threw out WiFi to cause cancer was due to an accidental discovery. Several students from Denmark made an experiment. They planted some plants in two rooms. One room had a router and WiFi was on, while the other room had no router. After 12 days, they found that the plants in the room without router grew very luxuriant, while those in the room with WiFi grew luxuriantly Basically all the plants died, so they came to this conclusion. Therefore, many netizens, according to the conclusion of this post, have posted in succession, calling on all people to "turn off the mobile phone, turn off the WiFi connection function, or directly turn off the router" before going to bed at night There are absolutely no mistakes.

However, this conclusion has no scientific basis to infer that any communication equipment has radiation, which is an indisputable fact. But is WiFi carcinogenic? In fact, WiFi, like light in nature, exists radiation, but from the current scientific understanding, it is within a reasonable range and will not cause harm to the human body. A non-governmental environmental protection organization conducted a test last year. When the person was 1 cm away from the wifi antenna, the measured power density was 9.1 MW / cm2, which was far less than the 40 MW / cm2 stipulated by China. Therefore, WiFi will not cause great harm to the body.

British scientists believe that even if the wireless router is always on, the radiation generated in a year is only equivalent to the radiation of a mobile phone that is turned on for dozens of minutes. Tsinghua University has made a special seed test. The results show that even if there is a WiFi room, the seed can grow as well as the room without WiFi. The fact is better than eloquence. Experts have concluded that the electromagnetic radiation of qualified wireless device strength has no obvious harm to human body. It won't cause cancer. What's more, the radiation from WiFi is much smaller than that from 2G and 3G mobile phones.

Of course, although WiFi doesn't cause cancer, radiation still exists. I hope friends still need to take some measures to prevent radiation, such as taking a break from your eyes and applying some sunscreen on your face.

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